Partnership promises far north tourism boost

Partnership promises far north tourism boost

Ticketing for the 2015-16 season will be open to all Australian residents who are under 15 years old and live outside the CBD.

The inaugural Sydney-listed travel agency, TCL, is one of a number of travel agencies vying for the coveted Sydney Tourism Commission (STC) slot in the upcoming federal election.

The launch of TCL coincides with the launch of Sydney’s first ever ticketing website. Tickets range from $35 to $199 each (from May 5).

Sydney’s tourism department confirmed th우리카지노at it was in talks with TCL and could expand to the area if the opportunity arose.

According to TCL manager Sam Henson, the company is excited about the opportunities in Sydney due to its «strong network of partners and partnerships», such as Australia Post, ANZ, Kmart and Woolworths.

He said a number of events including우리카지노 the launch of the new Sydney Travel Bureau are planned for this year.

«We look forward to connecting with new audiences through events like 바카라사이트Sway (Award & Recognition), Sydney’s first ever Sway award and the start of the 2017 Tourism Awards,» said TCL CEO, Mike Henson.

In recent months, travellers and locals have also had the chance to catch a glimpse of some the attractions which will be unveiled as part of the 2015-16 season’s development including:

The Great Barrier Reef

Furniture maker Frank Gehry’s Skylark Skyview. Photo: Peter Rae/The Australian

New South Wales

Nigel Calder’s Southbank, near the NSW Botanic Garden


Mount Panorama. Photo: David McNew


The iconic Wham Wham Gallery and its magnificent views of the city. Photo: Peter Rae/The Australian


An Old Bank of Australia, near Sunshine Coast


The new CBD railway, which will open for business early in the summer of 2014. Photo: David McNew

Mr Henson said the launch of TCL’s website had been a «natural» part of the company’s «branding and marketing process».

«The new website will showcase the great attractions Sydney has to offer in a more accessible and user-friendly way and help people better understand the city they live in,» he said.

Mr Henson said the site was built through the efforts of hundreds of volunteer volunteers who, he sai